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Cryptocurrencies should be
managed intelligently

CryptoEleven is a Capital Management Group that focuses on the exploitation of recurring price behaviour
throughout the cryptocurrency markets. Through in-depth analysis of blockchain enabled digital assets,
our approach to the market has been crafted to take advantage of recurring price inefficiencies that
exist between cryptocurrencies and traditional assets, which enables consistent duplication of capital.

Long-Range Bias

Effective investing isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. In this market, day trading is inefficient. Therefore we manage our holdings in such a way as to maximize long term capital appreciation.

Actively Managed

CryptoEleven is engaged in direct acquisition and management of investments that take advantage of discrepencies between the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes.

Specialized Data

Our approach is based on the exploitation of historical price behaviour. This enables us to take opportunistic investments in cryptocurrencies that satisfy our selection criteria.

Recent Posts

Regularly published obervations and market insights to keep you informed on
the issues and events that shape the outcome of your activities in this market

How Premining morphed into the modern day ICO

Time and again crypto commentators make reference to a string of market conditions that they refer to as “alt season.” For them, this is a period of time where altcoins are supposedly ripe for investment. The connotations of this suggest that, across the board, altcoin prices are soaring and profits are in plentiful supply. However, these commentators lack basic knowledge of market-wide dynamics since they neglect to realise that the sole purpose of a Bitcoin alternative is for it to…

Chinese capital flight continues to boost Bitcoin

Chinese investors are trying to exchange the Yuan for bitcoin, as fears mount due to ongoing devaluation of the yuan. Following the decision of U.S. President Trump to levy further tariffs on Chinese goods over the past two weeks, the yuan has fallen 2% against the dollar. Adding to this, the yuan has steadily lost value against the dollar over the last year. Investors predict that President Xi Jinping will engage in further devaluation of the currency to prop up…

Bitcoin (BTC) boosted by global turmoil

With Bitcoin continuing to trade upwards it’s very important that, as an investor, you exercise focus. You will be tempted into making snap judgements. Situations will arise that may force you to relinquish your Bitcoin position. But we urge that you stay put. We strongly suggest that you build a bitcoin bunker around yourself, insulating you from hype and distraction. Ultimately – there should be no bitcoin sells in your trading history until the price has blown past six figures…

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