Bitcoin Capital Management

CryptoEleven is engaged in the acquisition and management of investments providing direct exposure to blockchain enabled cryptographic assets. This includes active investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and similar assets.

Our focus is set toward expanding the value of our holdings by continuously tracking growth and price expansion throughout the market, therefore we invest in a carefully curated basket of cryptocurrencies that demonstrate potential for outsized returns.

We do not seek to time the market or to engage in day trading. This market is not suitable for speculative strategies. Instead, we seek to achieve our investment objectives via selecting and managing holdings in such a way as to maximise long term capital appreciation.


  • Opportunistic and lengthy investments in cryptocurrencies that satisfy our selection criteria
  • Strategic exploitation of price inefficiencies between cryptocurrencies and traditional assets
  • Continued maintenance of a framework to take advantage of recurring price behavior throughout the cryptocurrency market

Efficient Approach

Investing in bitcoin is a daunting task especially if you haven’t already been involved in this market for a lengthy period of time. 

Our level of experience puts us in position to avoid common pitfalls and maximise overall gains. Being that we aren’t hampered by the same restrictions as market newcomers, we’re able to achieve our investment objectives in a calm and efficient way

Frequently Asked

Being new to this market means that you will be forced into battle with KYC and AML procedures that are both lengthy and time consuming which can cause frustration due to withdrawal and deposit delays that will not only slow you down but ultimately tear into eventual profits.

Other determining factors such as falling into the trap of paying excessive trading, deposit and withdrawal fees can also bite into your investment in such a way that reduces eventual gains.

Our level of experience puts us in position to avoid common pitfalls and maximise overall gains and, because we trade in bulk across our clients, our costs are even lower.

Being that we aren’t hampered by the same restrictions as those that are new to the market, we’re able to achieve investment objectives in a calm and efficient way.

We meet according to your preference and comfort level.

Some clients are quite active and require frequent contact, others may prefer less contact, meeting only once or twice a year to review progress.

Regardless, we want you to feel comfortable, confident, and informed at every stage of our relationship.

Quarterly performance reports are generated specifically for each client, in addition to monthly investment statements and weekly updates on the latest events in the market.

You will also have ample opportunity to reach out to us, on a daily basis, with any questions and concerns you might have, and more.

The CryptoEleven Fund has a minimum investment of £1,000 GBP.

We take pride in working with clients of all sizes to help them grow their portfolio and achieve their individual financial goals.

CryptoEleven does not charge any account management, deposit or withdrawal fees.

We charge a 10% performance fee on profits generated.


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