In this market you have to be exceedingly efficient.

Shooting 500 times yet only having a score of 50 may win you a basketball game or a football match – but, in investing, this type of behaviour is the direct route toward financial ruin.

Each time you shoot you better be absolutely certain that you’re going to score.

In trading there are no rehearsals and very few second chances.

In this market, the reward for making a mistake is the unceremonious draining of your wealth.  

Simply, there are landmines that have been strategically placed – just waiting for your arrival. One incorrect move is all it takes to secure your removal from the game.

This is the challenge that every investor must deal with.

However – less than 10% of investors lend any consideration toward formulating or adopting an approach that is based on a foundation of efficiency.

There must no wasted movement.

Your every step in the market must bring you closer to achieving your investment objectives.

Your focus should be on the assets that are certain to produce the largest amounts of income.

But – most traders are unable to focus.

Exploiting Positive Correlation

The majority of traders like to jump from asset to asset, losing large amounts of money along the way.

That isn’t proper market etiquette.

You have to reduce the noise, cut through the sensationalism, turn off the constant stream of notifications and begin to examine reality.

Your strategy has to be one that’s based on singularity.

Your approach has to be one that insulates you from distraction – allowing you to make your moves in silence.

It’s only when you approach the market like this that you begin to gain a level of understanding.

This is the approach that brought us into this Litecoin (LTC) trade.

There is always a bigger picture.

This is the case with everything.

There are factors effecting the very course of your day that you are unable to perceive – unless you examine the bigger picture.

An event as simple as one bird flying into an overhead cable is the spark that leads to a chain events that can affect thousands of people in several different ways.

Simply, every material and immaterial thing in the world is subject to cause and effect.

The same principle is true in the markets. In fact, it is the only truth of the markets.

LTC doesn’t move alone.

The Golden Basket

Against the dollar, there is an unusual amount of correlation between LTC, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

With this being the case, I must ask – why aren’t you holding these assets?

Why are you gambling at the Bitmex casino for nickles and dimes?

Why do you open a trade at 10am only to close it at 10:15am due to having suffered a major loss?

BTC, ETH and LTC represent a basket of assets that must be held simultaneously.

These are assets that mimic each other in such a way that cannot be ignored.

The correlation is undeniable.

The fact is, you must have a strategy that is arranged in a way that will allow you to take advantage of this.

There are many assets in the market that are similarly correlated – therefore, there are many high potential opportunities that are currently available.

Even though we have sold some Litecoins, don’t be mistaken – this is long term play. We will be in Litecoin for a while.

But, there’s nothing wrong will pulling some funds out to take advantage of new opportunities in the market.

Looking at the LTC orderbook, there is no spread – which is usually the case in this particular market due to how liquid it is in general.

Either way, minor changes in direction of price means nothing to us as far as LTC is concerned this is a long term play.

Over the coming months we’ll be treating LTC like a high interest paying savings account. You probably should lend some consideration to doing the same.

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